The advice show you didn't know you needed and don't remember contacting.


You definitely didn't send these two a question. This is your first time listening. Somehow they know what you were going to ask though. They know details you wouldn't have given them. Why do they know your mom's name? Is this advice or prophecy?

Ophiuchus Radio is an upcoming sci-fi comedy audio drama. Stay tuned, broadcast begins: Spring 2021.

Cast and Crew

Aspen Steeves (he/they)

Writer | Actor | Producer

Aspen is the voice of Coconut Silver. In his spare time you can find them in the cold vacuum of space shouting at clouds.

Gwen Jeronimo (she/her)

Writer | Actor | Producer

Gwen is the voice of Bluejay Midnight. In her spare time she lives among mountains which is dope af.

Lisel Christiansen (they/them)

Writer | Actor | Producer

Lisel is a writer for the show and occasionally a voice actor too. In their spare time, you will find them doing pointless world building or shouting about their D&D characters.

Tamara Steeves (she/her)


Tamara wrote our theme music.
That's pretty rad.


All links open in google docs.


Find us on your podcatcher of choice or follow any of the links below. If you can't find us on your platform of choice, let us know and we'll do our best to get there.